How Math Squared Program Works


First you have to make an appointment for your child to take evaluation test. It takes about 40-60 minutes. We will then issue a comprehensive report from the test results to you. Based on the report, we will start your child at a comfortable and appropriate point.

Class Work

We recommend your child should attend 2 sessions per week. The time for each session is depending on your child's ability and learning attitude. Most students are able to adapt the self-paced learning system in about 2-3 weeks. After that their work time usually decreased once they are used to the system.


Each week student will complete 2 workbooks. A work book consists of about 14 work sheets. Student will complete 7 worksheets in the class room and 7 worksheets are at home. Total 8 workbooks in a set and expected to complete them in 4 weeks.


Each completed workbook is evaluated by instructor in the following class. If there are any corrections, instructor will discuss with student at the end of the class and make the student understands the mistake and correct them at the end of the class.


Validation for your child's learning progress is performed about once a month. We make sure our students fully understand the materials before theymove on.

Teacher Student Ratio

For a new class, we start only with about 5 students. After these students get used to the class and system, we will then add 2-3 new students at a time into the class. The maximum is 10 students per instructor. We will make sure each student gets the attention he/she needs, especially the new ones. This is also why we don't take more than 2-3 new students at a time.