About Math Squared

Math Squared is developed by a group of professional engineers, psychologists, mathematicians and educators in Silicon Valley, California, who have drawn upon their individual areas of expertise and collaborated to design this entirely new system of learning math.

Math Squared Learning center open year-round where students usually visit twice a week. Our program consists of workbooks and manipulative tools that are full of colorful and interesting math curriculum to attract students in Pre-K through 6th grade. Elementary math including pre-Algebra is our specialty.

Our goal is to help children

ü Improve computation and overall math skills,

ü Build solid conceptual foundation, 

ü Develop strong problem solving ability,

ü Stimulate divergent and creative thinking, 

ü Strengthen self-esteem by working out challenges, 

ü Explore the world of logic and geometry proposition, 

ü And, experience the power of math and enjoy it.